In this fourth step we create a new Rails application, scaffold a model and deploy the application out to Elastic Beanstalk from the command line. We connect this application up to our RDS instance and show that it connects successfully with the dev database.

We’ve just finished the first iOSCon hackathon. Some great work was done with the Affectiva emotion SDK along with some great stuff with Estimotes and Scentees.

Following the instructions here I decided to try turning my Pi into an iBeacon.

To get my infrared receiver working with my Raspberry Pi I followed the great instructions provided here.

I recently got hold of a Raspberry Pi along with a starter kit. My starter kit came with a couple of sensors and components.

The new version of Sudoku Grab is going to be a universal app (iPhone and iPad) so it’s become even more important that user data sync across all the devices an user owns.

I’ve got a little bit of spare time on my hands at the moment and have started to go back through the apps I’ve built and think about updating them. A big one on my list is Sudoku Grab - the first app I ever wrote, published back in 2009!...

After my work yesterday I sat down and worked out how to create a proper grunt plugin. Once I realised that a node module is purely a node application with a package.json this proved to be really simple. One thing that is really great is learning the npm is not...

I’ve been playing around with node.js quite a lot recently and learning about the tools ecosystem. One tool that seems to be getting a lot of attention recently is Grunt - which is billed as “The JavaScript Task Runner”. This seems to be the tool that people are suggesting should...

I’m helping to organise a conference with SkillsMatter - iOScon 2014.

I’ve moved the blog over to github pages and jekyll.

One new feature in iOS7 which didn’t get announced anywhere (as far as I can tell anyway) if the ability to read barcodes.

Apologies for the absence of any interesting posts. I’ve recently been working for a startup building this - - this has involved a lot of server side work, so I’ve been brushing off my old java and database skills. Now working on the app to accomany the website, so...

I recently had to write some code to use the UIImagePickerControllerCropRect when picking or taking a photo. Looking around the web there were some pretty crazy coding examples that seemed to be unnecessarily complicated so I knocked up my own quick solution.