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Just when we thought we'd done with our mailbag, some exciting new stuff tips up. This time, we've got a soldering kit, a fun-looking Dash, and extra bonus, an ink plate 10, which is a cool e-paper display from Soldered. We've unboxed it, pulling out a board with an esp32 module, an SD card, and a battery connector. One of the major selling points is its open-source nature, you can download all the schematics from GitHub, and for those inclined, learn about how to build pcbs. Also showcased a Simon Says game soldering kit, despite my modest soldering skills (we all need practice, eh?), it turned out to be good fun. Plus, we've got a Dev board fitted with an at Mega 328p and an ultra-bright ws2812 RGB LED. Let's see if I can turn this e-paper display into a weather display or maybe you have more exciting ideas, drop them down in the comments!

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[0:00] didn’t we just do a mailbag you’re right
[0:02] we did but it’s always the way isn’t it
[0:04] you do a mailbag and immediately some
[0:06] fun things turn up the next day
[0:09] this time we’ve got some stuff from
[0:10] soldered let’s see what’s inside the Box
[0:14] so we’ve got some interesting soldering
[0:16] kit I think we’ll have a play with this
[0:17] later and try a bit of soldering that’s
[0:19] pretty cool
[0:22] and we’ve got a nice Dash do we know so
[0:25] that’s a nice purple board I’m not sure
[0:27] what to do with that yet but I’m sure
[0:28] I’ll think of something
[0:30] and we get a nice purple cable to go
[0:32] with it pretty fancy
[0:37] let’s have a look and see what’s in the
[0:39] big box
[0:40] say this looks like an ink plate 10.
[0:45] so this is a very nice e-paper display
[0:47] it’s lovely and large so they use
[0:49] recycled e-paper displays from old ebook
[0:52] readers so that’s pretty cool so we’ll
[0:54] see what we can get running on this
[0:56] later not bad
[0:59] and as a bit of a bonus it also comes
[1:01] with a nice purple cable pretty good
[1:03] what a score
[1:05] so let’s see how to get inside this
[1:07] thing and see what it’s made of
[1:09] somewhere here we go open here so we
[1:12] should be able to just open it up really
[1:14] easily
[1:16] so it unclipsed quite nicely
[1:19] and now the board should just lift out
[1:23] so there we go let’s see what we’ve got
[1:27] so we have our esp32 module we’ve got a
[1:30] battery and we’ve got an SD card and
[1:33] there’s a battery connector for a
[1:34] Lithium-Ion battery that’s pretty cool
[1:36] so one of the really nice things about
[1:38] this e-paper display is it’s all open
[1:40] source so we can pop over to GitHub and
[1:43] download all the schematics and the bomb
[1:44] so here we’ve got the power schematics
[1:47] this generates all the voltages required
[1:48] for the e-paper display and for the
[1:51] esp32
[1:52] we’ve got the actual e-paper connection
[1:54] with this ribbon cable connector and
[1:57] we’ve got the MCU so the esp32 Rover and
[2:00] a couple of i o expanders so that’s
[2:02] pretty cool if you want to learn how to
[2:04] build pcbs there’s the pcbs as well so
[2:06] you can go from the schematic to PCB and
[2:09] see how the experts do it there are a
[2:11] whole bunch of demos to try out
[2:12] including news headlines now I must
[2:15] admit I’ve been trying to avoid the news
[2:16] lately as it’s all a bit depressing but
[2:18] maybe I should start reading some and of
[2:21] course there’s a weather display I think
[2:23] I’m going to try and get the epd weather
[2:24] project up and running on this display
[2:26] as that would be pretty nice and can
[2:28] replace my very tiny display that I’ve
[2:30] been using up until now the other demo
[2:32] that I like is Conway’s Game of Life
[2:34] always good fun to try out now let’s get
[2:37] this kit soldered up and see what it
[2:39] does
[2:40] [Music]
[2:42] foreign
[2:44] [Music]
[2:54] as you can tell I’ve never been very
[2:56] good at soldering so maybe I should get
[2:57] more of these kits and really practice a
[2:59] bit but it’s a nice Simon Says game
[3:02] let’s give it a play
[3:08] well that’s good fun it shows a bunch of
[3:10] lights and you click the buttons to see
[3:11] what’s happening let’s move on to this
[3:13] nice Dev board it’s got some at Mega
[3:16] 328p a tp4056 battery charger and it’s
[3:20] got a full color ws2812 RGB LED which is
[3:24] really bright so what should we do with
[3:27] the e-paper display at the moment I’m
[3:29] thinking weather display but I’m open to
[3:32] suggestions let me know in the comments

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